Celebrating 127 years of Sound Legal Advice. We are proud to continue the tradition!
Established in 1890 in Pretoria, Stegmanns Inc. ("Stegmanns") is a well-respected legal partner that offers appropriate legal solutions and superior levels of client service to meet the dynamic legal requirements and challenges of South African corporates, financial institutions, SMEs (small, medium enterprises) and individuals.

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Client Testimonials
It was so lovely to meet you and to see your company and especially to attend such a wonderful seminar, Louis you put together a very professional brochure and presented the seminar extremely well, definitely a must for the future and I would definitely pay to attend an event like this and I will definitely use your company and highly recommend your services to everyone I know.

I learnt so so much, the very things I had no clue regarding growing my business were highlighted so well and gave me such motivation and clarity as to where to start and which direction to head in.

Thank you so much again. Such an inspiration. Wishing you well till next time.
Stegmanns Attorneys have been providing bond registrations and bond cancellation services to us for a number of years now. We are confident that they provide good quality services and would recommend their services
We hereby confirm that Stegmanns has represented since January 2007 on various Labour matters and we are very satisfied with their service.
Stegmanns have been providing legal services to us for just over a year now. They have proven themselves to be reliable, always available and with excellent turn-around time.
Our professional relationship with Stegmanns only started in 2014 but will continue for years to come and their good service and client orientated approach is highly recommended.

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