Images-02There are definite steps that a homeowner will need to take if he/she ever has the traumatic experience of having their house burnt to the ground.

Over and above all the emotional and financial tension it causes in a person and his/her family, there will be several steps that a homeowner will need to take before the problems accompanying such an experience will be resolved.

First step…

The first step that needs to be taken by the homeowner is to report the matter to the nearest police station. The reason for this is twofold. Firstly, by reporting the matter the homeowner will receive the necessary case number as required by most insurance companies. Secondly, the conduct of the third party may turn out to be a crime, for example, arson. Thereafter the complaint will be investigated by the police and handed over to the prosecuting authority that will decide if the third party should be prosecuted or not.

The insurance company

The second step is to report the matter to the insurance company together with the above-mentioned case number. Thereafter the insurance company will investigate the claim and decide whether it is going to accept or reject the claim. The insurance policy will determine the ambit of the insurance company’s discretion in deciding whether to accept or reject the insured’s claim. The reason for this is that the insurance policy will determine the rights and obligations between the insurance company and the insured. If the insurance company decides to reject the insured’s claim the insured will have two further options at his/her disposal. The insured will be able to take the matter to the ombudsman for determination, or he/she may dispute the matter in a civil court based on breach of contract by the insurance company.

Getting paid out

The third step will be to indemnify the insured if the claim is accepted by the insurance company. The amount that the insurance will pay out to the insured will once again be determined by the terms and conditions of the insurance policy. If the insurance company rejects the insured’s claim or if the insured decides not to claim from the insurance company, then the insured will be able to institute action against the third party if he/she can prove that the house was burned down as a result of the intentional or negligent conduct or omission by the third party or, alternatively, that the house was burned down as a result of a breach of a contractual obligation between the homeowner and the third party, had a contract been in place.

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What happens if your house has burnt down?