Let’s Play some games

Let’s Play some games

The new and awesome FORZA Horizon 5 will soon be released and we are all excited to play this stunning game on our XBOX’s.

What’s so great about this game? Well for one it will have ‘ray tracing’- it is an awesome Next Gen game with real life effects. Thegamer.com describes it as being “The Most Fun And Accessible And Inclusive Horizon Ever”.

To us it is not just only an awesome game to play but an Intellectual Property and Cyberlaw Attorney’s dream!

When a game like this is released there are many factors that we take into consideration, privacy and data security, content regulation but to us most importantly we consider the Intellectual Property strategy to secure all the Intellectual Property Rights thereof.

Our job is to look after the developer and make sure that the game is protected properly in all aspects.

We take into account the following Intellectual Property Rights: Copyright, Trade marks, Patents and Trade Secrets, however this is not necessarily limited to just these Intellectual Property rights.

Copyright works entails the following of the game: Music, Code, Story, Characters, Art work, Design, Website or APP design.

When considering Trade marks the Developer must look at the following: Company name, Company Logo, the Game title, and the slogans used in the game.

Consideration of Patents in Games: Is there an inventive or game design element, what hardware technical solutions was used, the innovation of the software, networking and database design must be considered.

Last but not least there is various forms of Trade Secrets contained in games: Clients, pricing, the publisher, middleware, developer, DevTools, terms.

We as Cyber law and Intellectual Property law attorneys are excited about all the rights contained in this game and look forward to exploring each aspect of it from the code to the magnificent artwork contained therein.

From our side happy gaming! And if you are inspired to develop your own ground breaking game- let’s assist you to make it happen!


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